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Embrace Your Next Career Chapter

Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity

Whether you're recovering from redundancy, seeking a more fulfilling career, or simply looking for a new direction, we're here to help you find clarity, build confidence, and step into a career that not only meets your skills and experiences but also aligns with your deeper aspirations and values. Your new beginning starts now.


Do you ever feel stuck in a career that no longer brings you satisfaction, or find yourself at a crossroads following redundancy, uncertain of your next steps? Maybe you're on the brink of launching your own business but feel held back by fear and doubt. Do you find yourself caught in a relentless cycle of striving to excel, where negative self-talk undermines your confidence, energy, and effectiveness?

I'm here to support you through these challenging times.

My role is to empower the part of you that's eager to conquer these obstacles. Imagine muting that persistent inner critic, the voice that insists you're not up to par or that success is beyond your reach. Now, envisage awakening the segment of your brain that is innately resourceful, inventive, confident, and complete.

By tapping into this positive and empowered mindset, you equip yourself to tackle life's hurdles with a constructive and optimistic outlook, all while reducing stress and anxiety. You unveil a version of yourself that can adeptly navigate the uncertainties of career transitions, be it discovering a role that reignites your enthusiasm, courageously moving forward after redundancy, or finally taking the leap to start your dream enterprise.

I am committed to aiding you in rediscovering your strengths, redefining your aspirations, and revitalising your career with a renewed sense of purpose and satisfaction. Together, we'll change how you approach both your career and life, laying the foundation for success, contentment, and tranquillity.

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One to One Coaching

Receive bespoke support tailored to your individual career challenges and goals. Whether you're navigating through a transition, seeking a more rewarding path, or aiming to overcome professional hurdles, our personalised sessions offer the insights, strategies, and encouragement you need to achieve your ambitions and realise your full potential.


This powerful therapeutic tool delves into the subconscious mind, addressing and alleviating deep-seated issues, habits, or fears that may be hindering your personal or professional growth. Through a series of guided sessions, you'll uncover inner resources, foster positive change, and emerge with a heightened sense of clarity and wellbeing, ready to embrace your career and life with renewed confidence and perspective.


Join a collective of like-minded individuals on their own journeys towards career fulfilment. Our group coaching sessions provide a vibrant environment to explore career opportunities, gain diverse perspectives, and find inspiration and support among peers. Guided by expert coaching, you'll advance collectively and individually towards your career aims.

Rapid transformational therapy

Explore the transformative effects of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and hypnotherapy. These powerful approaches address and release the underlying beliefs and patterns that may be impeding your progress. By uncovering and resolving these issues, you'll access a deeper level of self-assurance, clarity, and career congruence, catalysing enduring change and success.

If you’d like more information about working with me, get in touch today.



Hey there, I'm William Whitford, your ally and guide through the twists and turns of career transitions. Whether you're dusting yourself off after a redundancy or stepping back into the professional world post-maternity, I'm here to walk this path with you, every step of the way.

My own journey has been quite the adventure, from the highs of corporate success to the moments of quiet reflection that followed life's unexpected challenges. These experiences taught me something invaluable: our careers are more than just jobs; they're expressions of our deepest values, passions, and dreams. It was only when I faced my own crossroads that I truly understood the power of aligning work with one's authentic self.

So, here's my promise to you: I'm not just here to help you find the next thing on your career checklist. I'm here to help you rediscover the spark within you, that unique light that makes you, well, you. Together, we'll navigate the uncertainties and embrace the possibilities, crafting a career path that's not only fulfilling but also deeply resonant with who you are and what you cherish most.

If you're feeling a bit lost or unsure where to turn next, I'm here to offer a helping hand, a listening ear, and a heart that truly understands. Let's turn this moment of uncertainty into a beautiful opportunity for growth, discovery, and joy. Your journey to a career that feels like home starts here. Let's make it a journey to remember.

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William Whitford life coach

Our Clients Say

Young Accountant
"Will helped me accelerate the progress of the goals that I wanted to achieve for me, to have a lot of clarity of the progress and to be able to put it in practice.

HE really cares about you and wants to help you be and achieve what you want. Very committed to your results.

He will take you from point A to the point where you want to go."


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